The Pink Hook

I love fishing. If I lived where I had access to a boat and a decent lake, I'd fish as much as possible. After getting back from Morin lake we had a little supper and headed back out with Grandpa cause he said the fish were biting at Damour! Damour Lake is the closet to my parents (roughly 5 min away) and it was my first time actually on this lake. It's beautiful and so secluded!

Gpa had bought the Kai one a fishing rod this spring and they'd done their casting practice on dry ground, then casting and reeling with a weight in the water and now he had his first hook on the line! (Thus the close supervision! I've seen far too many people... ahem Dad, Uncle Jonny, Dad, Uncle Jonny pull fish hooks from the back of their heads after a wonky cast!)

Kai wasn't using just any hook as his first hook, he was using my special pink hook. Pink hooks catch the most fish. I'm totally serious. I found my pink hook at a little gas station in Victoire and my first time using it I caught 17 large Jackfish in under an hour! The next day my dad went to the store and bought the rest of the stock :) They have all proved to be lucky hooks since and we were all using them that night.

Hello tall, dark and handsome one :)

 He did so well and was so patient!

We didn't expect Hanny to fish but she immediately scampered to me and had me teach her how to reel and hold the rod. Every time we'd cast she'd count "ba, ba, ba Go!" She's a natural :)

Grandpa caught the first fish. Hanny wanted touch it and every fish after that. Ick. I'll touch them to take the hook out but I don't enjoy it.

Kai was casting with Daddy when he got his first bite! Here's his first fish and his pink hook!

It was seriously such an amazing night on the lake. Perfect temp, no breeze, beautiful sunset... you couldn't ask for more. Except maybe for Hanny to stop screaming "No, no, no, no" when we refused to let her sit on the teensy tiny bow of the boat!

Gpa let Kai drive us back to shore.

Lovin it!

We left Gpa in the water so we could back the trailer in.

What a perfect night to catch your first fish on a pink hook.


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