Thickwood Hills Picker

If you haven't watched the show "American Pickers" and you enjoy any sort of antiquing, thrifting or just like old stuff you need to watch it! It airs on TLC and it's super addictive (p.s. English One - I went into your house and set your dvr to record them - you even get the Canadian ones too! Lucky:)

These guys just drive around the country and dig through people's old barns and sheds looking for "rusty gold". They buy what they can off these hoarders collectors and then sell it in their store. Dream job.

While vacationing in the Thickwood Hills area I was able to pretend I was a picker myself. The mother one and I took off to General Store Antiques in Lac la Peche and I was drooling!

Wouldn't the blue radio look great in Elsie? I didn't buy it.

 So many great tins!

As a Pepsi addict I really wanted this sign but it was in the "Museum" part of the store. (aka not for sale!)

As soon as we pulled up though we spied these beautiful antique iron head/foot boards. These are so hard to find around here! I went to deal immediately. I must admit, I had some mad bartering skills and managed to score both sets for $35. That makes each only $17.50! Wahoo! Because I went to deal first the mother one let me have my pick and these are now my beauties.

These will super cool when Mom redoes them and uses it for a daybed on the veranda under construction.

I also found a pretty sweet gift for the English One and had him throw in a blue mason jar for free. Definitely some good picks!

On the way home from the lake we whizzed past a garage sale sign. I resisted having the tall one slam on the brakes and instead we dropped the kids off with the grandparents and went back to it. It was my favourite type of garage sale - one of an elderly lady who just wanted to get rid of her stuff and was so excited that someone loved her old tupperware and other sorts that she basically just gives you everything for free :)

I was drawn to this print. With a little frame makeover I think it will be quite charming.

I just can't resist a good vintage tupperware container. Especially in Elsie's favourite colour!

This little umbrella candy dish is just darling. It has the perfect amount of whimsy and I love the yellow. The handle will be painted though.

Umm... the boy one wanted his picture in here. Hi Kai!

I had to ask if this can opener was meant to only have one handle. It was. She gave it to me for free :)

Finally found the matching pair to my coffee creamer set in the camper!

Even the tall one found something cool. Here is his new hat :) To get full effect pronounce "Reactor" with a Mennonite accent.

Continuing on our journey we stopped at my grandparents house. In their basement I spied this quilt. I've seen it before when we've stayed the night and have always admired it's randomness and the fabrics used. So many of the fabrics bring back memories of other things my grandma had made.

I asked her who had made it (wondering if it was her or her quilt making mom) and it was her. I told her if she ever wanted to get rid of it that I would gladly take it - she folded it up and gave it to me. I couldn't stop smiling! It means so much to have things that her and my grandpa have made in my house.

The blue, green, and yellow fabric is one from a clown costume we had.

The pink and orange fabric is from a pioneer woman costume I wore as a child. The red rose with polka dots from a dolls dress. So many other fabrics are from clothing my grandma made her kids.

Of all the "picking" I did, my favourite finds come from our family's homes where the history is ours.


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