DIY | Jazzing up an old desk

Our house was built in 1913. We love that. We asked for that when we went house shopping. We told our realtor that we wanted a old 2 story house with a wrap around veranda... she got us just that. The main issue though with 100 year old houses is that there is no storage. No closets. Over the years we've been learning more and more that we need pieces of furniture that have storage. This writers desk below... no closed off storage. That equals the look of clutter. Excuse the pic... it was night time.

We scored this secretary roll top desk at a garage sale in the spring and finally got around to refinishing after Elsie was completed.

Here's the wonky wide shot. As I mentioned before, I now have to redo the whole photo wall to account for new dimensions and I'm no where near done that!

Our friend Matt from Tregoning Paint and Design lent us his old paint sprayer. Um yeah... I'll be getting one. Then I'll be able to spray paint literally everything!

 I'm so excited for drawers!

 I really wanted to paint the whole desk a funky colour but couldn't commit. Genius Meg suggested I paint the hardware funky instead. Great idea. I love the yellow and it'll be easy to change if the colour scheme ever changes.

Best feature... I can roll the top down and protect my lap top from grubby little fingers that somehow even when I'm no where near a program are able to get into my photo editing program and turn 1200 wedding pictures black and white (and a crap b/w at that!). Thank the Lord for Command Z!

Pretty key thingy. 

 So there's the desk. Hopefully it won't take months to do the pictures... maybe I'll make it a goal to get a few more of the kids this week.


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