A Royal Anointing

For the past month the Hannah one has been dabbling in walking. She has the full skill set but doesn't seem to be super confident letting go and walking around the house. A couple of weeks ago she walked a few times across the house and we thought she'd be off and running from there, but she took a step back (no pun intended :) and has barely walked on her own since.

This morning I sat down to watch the Royal Wedding that I had PVR'ed (cause there was no way in Safeway I was getting up at 3 am when my kids are up at 6 am!) I just wanted 1/2 an hour to watch ( I fast forwarded lots!) and so I let the kids roam and play at their will. The Hannah one and the Kai one were in the kitchen emptying all my cupboards when the grand procession music started to usher Kate down the aisle to her groom. Just as Kate took her first steps towards becoming a Princess my little Hanny confidently strolled into the room with a tube of lypsol in her mouth and walked three laps around the living room totally unassisted. She was triumphant, at ease and she totally stole the show! She's been walking with no problem all day now! At the time I laughed and congratulated her and God suddenly imparted that this was a symbolic as well as a literal step for Hanny.

To some this may sound weird and kooky but for our family it's been very cool and important to hear what God has created in each of our children. A few months ago I began praying and asking God to show us "who" are children were in the spirit. God spoke very clearly one night and part of what he revealed about Hannah was that she had a "royal anointing". As Christians we are all children of God and therefore heirs with Christ and God spoke that Hannah would walk as a Princess in the spirit, meaning that she would innately know her authority as a daughter of God and walk that out. He also showed us that she would be passionate and fierce (which we totally see already!)

As she grows into the woman God created her to be and we see these things play out in her life I think it will be cool to tell her the story of how confidently she began walking during the Princess's procession.

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