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I can’t believe I am actually going to write about this in ifamily but it brings my friends and us such joy that I figure I should share it with the world. It’s a little double date that we call “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing.”

It all started 4 or 5 years ago with good friends that have since moved away. During one of our many “family suppers” we started talking about delicious food and how we just wished we didn’t always have to calorie count and worry about what and how much we were eating. It was there we decided to have one night where we could choose a food and eat all of it. No sharing, no holding back, you’re allowed to eat the whole thing.

Half the fun is the anticipation and deciding what you will eat. It’s a pretty important decision. A lot of factors come into play. You want something you’ll enjoy right to the last bite and that won’t make you sick. Preparation for a date like this can last weeks. We did this Sunday night with neighbours and had started our lists of possibilities far in advance. It actually becomes an interesting conversation starter with everyone when you ask what they would choose if the opportunity to eat all of something was presented to them.

My list this go round was short, Sweet and Sour boneless ribs from a certain local establishment. My husband’s list was lengthy and included everything from a bucket of chicken to a bag of double stuff Oreos. Sweet or savory is a tough call that’s why I go with a combination – it’s all a part of the plan!

(Our most recent selections!)

I have admit that most of us “failed” our attempts this last date. I only ate two thirds of my delicious ribs, another only managed 4 of 10 wagon wheels but it was super fun nonetheless. The most epic accomplishment had to have been when one of the co-founder’s ate an entire cheese ball with crackers. She was unstoppable!

(The Gallipeaus and their McCain Deep and Delicious and Wagon Wheels)

(The tall one and I with our S & S Ribs and KFC)

So, there you have it. It’s a pretty cockamamie idea for a double date but it makes us happy and we enjoy doing it and the memories after wards. What would you eat?


  1. do i happen to know one of the co-founders? :) a cheese ball and crackers sounds like something i would attempt! -erin

  2. You know her well indeed! Ha ha - it must run in the blood :)


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