DIY - Headboard

This fall we made one of our best purchases ever... a king size bed. That means it's also been since the fall that we haven't had a headboard. In case you're wondering, footboards don't go over very well with tall, dark and handsome one. His 6 foot 6ness won't be confined to just the length of the bed!

The duration we were without a headboard was solely due to my own indecision. I wanted something sort of shabby chic that wouldn't break the bank. Finally I found the perfect inspiration here at Sugar and Charm! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

I had rustic fence boards but not long enough for the king bed so a friend suggested I try to find "Corral Boards" at the lumber yard.

Score! 8 foot boards, perfectly rustic (they even had bark) for $2.30 each! They sat for a while and finally we brought them inside for 24 hours so we could build the headboard this weekend. (Did you know you have to allow wood to acclimate to the indoor temp/humidity? We knew but forgot to do it for the kids play kitchen and the results have not been pretty! Warping and shrinking. So frustrating!)

The tall one slapped (by slapped I mean was very OCD about making things straight and level) this together while I pushed the kids on the swing (making it a joint effort). I then sanded the boards down with 60, 120 and then 220 grit sandpaper cause we don't want splinters in our pillows! Free-handing the text was a little frightening to me but I did it in pencil first. Hint: use a sanding block to erase the pencil lines you don't use AND to slightly erase before you paint a section because it shows through the yellow paint.

And viola - here it is all pretty in our bedroom! I LOVE it! And I love that it only cost about $15!

The room is so cheery and I love being in it. It gets the most afternoon sun and I could lay there for hours. I still have a few more pillows to make but our room is actually almost finished. As I write that I remember my idea to paint the tall one's dresser yellow.... hmmm... not quite finished I guess.

I'm pretty proud of our headboard. I'm excited that every night we get to fall asleep against something that we made and fully enjoyed making together.


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