DIY - Bean Bag Game

I really enjoy making gifts for our friends and family. Interestingly enough at this point the majority of kids in our lives are cute little boys. I feel like I have to be extra creative to figure out things to make for boys. Girls are easy... hair clips, clip holders, dresses, skirts, tutus, aprons... the list goes on. Though this last Christmas I made all the boys aprons I can't really make them anything else on the list.

A special little boy was turning one this week and I had yet to come up with something to make him. I love a good "vintage game" and so I came up with this little Numbered Bean Bag Game.

What You'll Need:
- Scraps of fabric at least 9" x 11" (5 pieces of that size)
- 1/4 sheet of felt
- quilting batting
- dried beans (I used approx 700 g for 5 bean bags)
- galvanized metal bucket

Pick out your fabric. I chose to go with 3 coordinating prints.

Draw a rectangle 4.5 " x 5.5 " on a piece of paper and cut out to use as a pattern. Fold your fabric right sides together and pin the pattern along the fold. Cut.
(Repeat for 5 bean bags.)

*Don't have pics for this part* Free hand or stencil the numbers 1-5 onto your felt and cut out. Pin to the center of the right side of each bag and sew in place.

Pin fabric right sides facing and sew a seam 1/4 " all the way around but leave a 2 " opening at the bottom for turning. Reinforce beginning and end stitches well.

Turn them out, poke out the corners and it should look like this. Shape a piece of paper into a cone and use a funnel to add the beans to the bags. Fill them until they are about 3/4 full and then sew them shut.

I purchased a galvanized metal pail to use as the target for the game. It's a bit loud when you chuck the bags into it so I figured I should make a little pillow to soften the landing. To do this, trace the bottom of the pail onto a piece of paper and then pin to 2 pieces of fabric. Cut a 1/2 " around the circle (for seam allowance).

Cut the same size out of the quilting batting. Then layer the exterior fabrics with their right sides facing and pin the batting on top. Sew 1/4 " all the way around and leave a 2 " opening for turning. Trim excess fabric around the seam. When you turn the exterior fabric over the batting it should have it's right side facing up. Sew closed.
Plop it in the bucket to function as the "Mommy Approved Silencer".

So now you'll have cute numbered bean bags that the kids can toss into the bucket!

Have the kids stand at varying distances and practice throwing. Teach them to keep score or add and subtract based on bean bags in the bucket and those that didn't make it... the possibilities are endless!

All in all I'm quite pleased with the way this "boy friendly" gift turned out. My kids loved it and so they'll be getting them for Easter. I'm also going to kill 2 birds with one stone and use the metal bucket as their Easter basket. Stay tuned for pics!


  1. brilliant! Thanks for the idea. I want to make some for my grandson!


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