DIY - Spring Umbrella "Wreath"

I feel like I'm becoming slightly addicted to wreaths. This week I even had to come up with a more efficient storage solution for all my wreaths. I used to just have one for each season and really there were only three because I lumped spring and summer into the same wreath. Not so much anymore!

I think one thing that really draws me to them is that they're a quick project (I like immediate satisfaction) and you can be a little quirky or whimsical about what you hang on your door because they're not permanent and you can keep switching them out!

I saw this adorable Umbrella Decoration on where else... Pinterest! It didn't have a link back to the original unfortunately.

I was already at Dollarama last night picking up stuff to finish a little bday present... on a side note, I read a blog today where the woman talked about how she "victimized" family and friends with handmade gifts - that's totally what I do! Anyways... I quickly picked up a few things for the project and completed the entire thing in like 15 min at 11 pm. Easy peasy!

What you'll need:
  • Cute umbrella (Dollarama $2)
  • Sprigs of faux flowers, pussy willow, and Easter eggs on a stick
  • 2 feet of ribbon

Unfasten the umbrella and lay it down how you want it to lay against your door. Then take the top three "sections" (the material between the metal supports) and stuff a plastic bag in them just to puff them out a bit.

Add your sprigs to each of the openings and bend them around until you get the look you want.

When you're happy with your arrangement, slip the ribbon underneath and tie a bow approximately half way down the umbrella. You're done!

(Here it is hanging against my lace curtains at night.)

And here it is on my front door. Perfect for spring - even though we're supposed to get snow this weekend. Ugh.


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