Campaiging for a Camper

Pinterest has done it again. Planted an idea that I must make a reality. I came across a few shots of vintage camper trailers that have been redone and I swooned. I thought to myself... "Self, you have a vintage camper (stored at the Parentals) and you should make it this cute!"

Said "vintage camper" though is as the tall one would put it "totally not safe to take on the highway and is going to fall apart." Pu-shaw!

So my scheming and campaigning has begun and I'm quite impressed with how far we've come in a matter of days. Henceforth I will refer to the vintage camper as "Elsie" because that's now her name :)

Day 1: Phone my dad at 11pm (cause the parentals are truckers and so someone's always awake to run my cockamamie ideas by) to assess the actual condition of Elsie. Results? Back end needs to be ripped apart to the studs and redone. No problemo - we're a pretty handy/crafty family.

Day 2: Present cockamamie idea to the tall one at midnight while going to sleep. Results? Not so great.

Day 3: Consult with the dad once again. He pulls through. He'll help us rebuild it at their house over Easter (in 4 days!).

Present again to the tall one. He's warming up but gives me the "list" of reasons why it won't work.
a) Needs lots of work done and not a priority for the finances. (But dad's going to help - problem solved!)
b) Our truck doesn't have a hitch.
(Insert me being on the phone/internet all morning tracking down a hitch kit that we can get shipped and here in 2 days. Amazon delivers! Literally - in one day... take that list!)
c) We're staying in Regina for 2 days on the way home at the Delta hotel who does not have space to park a camper.... hmmm.... still working on that one!
d) Where the heck are we going to park it once it's here?
I so have that one covered.... beside the house on the driveway side (there's totally room) or on the street. 2 neighbours have buses parked there 24/7 and my Elsie is much smaller!

Presently the tall one is on board with my craziness and helping make things work. I'm pretty blessed that he loves me so much and goes along with creative whims. He's pretty great.

Elsie's going to be pretty great too. Think of the playing the kids can do in her (kind of like a playhouse), the little weekend trips, and adventures at the lake.... sigh.

Here's some of the inspiration that got me thinking :)

Pretty sure Elsie's going to get some vintage green paint on the outside!
Love the teal and red combo. Polka dots and afgans are also going to be a key decor theme!
So sweet.
Some more red/teal inspiration!
Bunting and polka dots. Need I say more?

Needless to say I'm excited to get started on Elsie. I'm sure you'll see many more pics of her here in the days and weeks to come!

* You can find all the links to the pictures on my pinterest boards found here.


  1. Im so deeply in love with your blog and your love for campers. I dont own one Hope you will come visit me over on my blog too!

    Campervan Motorhome

  2. whimsy and spontaneity is so me! my not~so~tall one is an electrical engineer so let's say not much in the right side of the brain that connects with me~ i would so love to have a fab little camper or vw van(yes!) ~~thanks for the inspirations!!!!

  3. Cheri - if you can get your not so tall electrical engineer on board it would be very beneficial to you! The night we "officially" finished Elsie we plugged her in with a faulty extension cord and it blew half the wiring in the camper! It would have been nice for the tall one to have been a master electrician :)


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