Ugly Bridesmaid Shoot Out

About a month ago Bolan pinned a picture of a Bachelorette party playing paintball in ugly 80's bridesmaids dresses. She commented that she was bummed she hadn't had the chance to do this for her hen party and I commented that there was no reason we couldn't still do it.

And thus... Ugly Bridesmaid Shoot Out 2012 was born.

Bolan got us all on board and we started prepping. I must admit that our Facebook Message feed alone made this whole endeavour worth it. It was hilarious.

We posted links to fabulous ebay dresses we found and purchased or in my case accidentally purchased :)

Only one of us (J to the Wall) had ever played paintball before and so we were a little unsure of how much it was going to hurt or how the heck we would know what to do. Thankfully the majority of our husbands are paintball ninja's and could hook us up with the gear and the tall one volunteered to come along with us, teach us how to use our equipment, set up games and be the photographer. He's splendid.

Here we all are pre departure :)

At this point I feel the need to record some of the awesome quotes that came from our Facebook feed in  an effort to really capture the whole story :) I'll leave the names out though. Ha.

ok girls... i was just in the shower (irrelevant, but i was) and i was thinking what if its TOOOO painful... what if something happens and you fall and hurt and we have no code word! WE NEED A CODE WORD PEOPLE!!!!

The code word became "Cheesecake".

Haha I have a good stock of nursing pads if you wish to armour your bosoms smile

Dont you guys be mean!!! I have a bad back! Yes- I'm using that!!!
Quick. Shoot the gimp.

I think I'm gonna start back-combing my hair now to get enough height ....but that might make me a bigger target lol

A, you'll be fine... D will be squealing.... People gravitate towards sound. Stay low... And if need be, throw her in front! wink
not only am i not wanted, im now being used a paintball protective gear!!! smile

Someone is probably thinking, I can't believe I sold that! Ahahaha (referring to purchased dress).

We can also turn the speed on the guns WAY down wink
  • Good idea
  • To the 'super slow wussy' setting??

    I'm a wussy these days that doesn't want to be bruised.. But alas, I want X  to grow up knowing she has a cool mommy. Lol

    Think Dean will be mad if I glue rhinestones to his helmet?

So last minute most of the husbands decided that they didn't really want to miss this and made the journey out with us to watch the hilarity that was bound to ensue :)

It turned into a spectator event!

And we're ready! Guns on safety, lectures on keeping our masks on and rules set up on how close we could shoot from :)

First game - protect the cement pad. Off we go!

Waiting for the other team to take position.

And it's on! Like donkey kong.

Our groupies :) Pretty much tailgating at our paintball event.

Trying to plan our strategy for the next game. Shoot the other team.

C being stealthy. The brown was a good choice :)

J to the Wall, in position. Rocking her own grad dress!

Bolan - darting through the woods I'm sure.

English one coming out of cover.

Moi - motioning to tall one to quit talking lest he give up my position. Dude, seriously!

English one again :)

We were very stealthy and sought each other out. The last game was every woman for herself. Good times. There was a lot of paint fired. Some more than others (J to the Wall!). There were some pretty ninja like moves, a little bit of screaming (English one), and "cheesecake" was only yelled a few times when our masks were so fogged we couldn't see :)

By far our biggest obstacle/enemy were the blasted burrs! They were everywhere. Most of us were wearing leggings and they grabbed on and dug into our skin. Bolan got the worst of it, she was covered! Arms, legs, hair. So many burrs.

All in all it was a fantastic night. I think we've accomplished the goal of our children thinking we are cool. My 4 yr son peppered me with questions when I got home, "did you shoot people with the shooting gun?" "Did you go pew, pew, pew, pew?" "Was Auntie Dani scared?" lol. He knows her well. My response was "Well, yes at first but then she shot lots of people."

Gotta say I'm thankful that I have such cool adventurous friends. Life is never boring.


  1. this is an amazing post!! so glad i was part of it... it was blast!!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Definitely want to do it one day.

  3. This is so creative! Such an awesome party idea. :)

    1. It was a lot of fun and will definitely be done again!


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