DIY Chair Photo Prop

I've got Fall Portraits in the Park coming up tomorrow and the urge hit me to have a cute vintage arm chair to use as a prop. Thankfully I'm a chair hoarder and so I had one laying around :)

My brother had this beauty (albeit in better shape than seen here) in his room and I begged and begged for it. He finally acquiesce and gave me the chair. Unfortunately though we didn't own a truck at the time and so we tried to fit the chair in Elsie to bring home. Camper doors are small. So we ripped the front legs semi-off.

This is apparently a very well built chair. They were very hard to get apart much less put back together. So they're a little wonky but just fine for the purpose of a prop :)

 Yesterday I was spraying the final coats of the furniture and cabinet paint on my dining table and homeschool table and figured that the chair would look better with white wood as well. Taping was far more effort than I wanted to put in so I just held up a piece of cardboard and set the flow and pattern on my fancy shmancy paint sprayer and was pretty amazed when I barely hit any fabric!

As you can see the lower upholstery was demolished so I chose some of this gorgeous fabric to recover it. This fabric makes me happy happy happy.

Not too shabby for pushing in with scissors, folding and stapling :)

One of the wooden arm ends and the upholstered pad were fully chewed up by my bro's child dog Otis so I sanded it down and then added the floral fabric on both arms as well. Staples made it look really messy so I went with hot glue. I'm pretty good with a glue gun but this project left me missing a few finger prints.

And so I am left with this gorgeous little chair. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and even more pleased with how little time it took. It was fairly liberating knowing it didn't need to go in my home and thus I didn't have to do everything the "right" way.

So if you have a mini session booked for Monday you'll get to sit your fanny in this cutie - but be careful it's pretty wobbly.


  1. Personally, i think a pink from the flower pattern would have made the chair POP, but it looks amazing nonetheless. I love it. :]

    1. Thanks! Good idea :) The chair was a work in progress though and the fabric a last minute decision :)

  2. Where did you get this adorable floral pattern?

    1. I believe I found it at Hobby Lobby. Not sure of the name of the fabric though :)


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