Oh No They Didn't.... Hair Edition

At this point I still feel pretty sick about what happened but I know in the big picture it is a really small thing. So I write today for the purpose of putting down this story for my kids while it is still fresh.

The tall one has been rocking a shaved head for at least the past year and so often we get the boy one to do the preliminary shave. He thinks it's really fun, it saves me time and I just come at the end to clean it up and make sure he got everything.

Yesterday I was post processing a session inside when Dean set up the kids to shave his head. He needed me to put the cape on so he came inside and then went back out. He returned a second time with a clump of Hannah's hair in his hand.

My. Heart. Sank.

I ran outside with a steady stream of "no, no, no, no, no..."

He took the clippers to her hair. Needless to say I was upset. The boy one didn't get what was wrong, "I asked Hannah and she said 'yes'. "

Ugh... seriously. This is 2 1/2 years of growth, gone. Right to the scalp.

So, I cried. The boy one cried. The girl one cried.

I grieved my little girl's hair but even in that moment I recalled reading a post on a blog I follow just the day before about a mom sitting in the hospital room holding the hand of her little boy who had just undergone an emergency surgery for a tumor found in his brain. Surely his little head was shaved for the incision and my heart broke for that mom and that little boy.

I was devastated about this fully preventable incident that was going to mean years of camouflaging her hair but my little girl is fully healthy. Her shaved head comes from an over eager sibling, not something that threatens her life.

There were lots of little things we could have done to ensure this didn't happen but it makes me think of other preventable incidents that have far more sobering effects. I'm thankful it was only a handful of hair and that again, my babies are safe, happy and healthy.

Hanny's hair grows straight forward and so I've had to learn to become a ninja braider just to keep her locks out of her eyes. Thankfully I can fully cover the bald spots by parting her hair differently, combing over her hair and braiding it in place. It's going to be fine. 

She is ridiculously beautiful and few clumps of missing hair doesn't affect that one bit. 

So to my children:

Boy one - Dude, don't cut anyone's hair! If you want to do something you've never done before, please ask Mommy. I love you.

Girl one - You are stunning, so beautiful. I know you are fearless but please don't let your brother cut your hair ever, ever, ever again. Just say no babe. I love you.

~ Mommy


  1. We had hair cutting by older sister at our house too, not quite as drastic as yours though!! It will grow back and they are healthy, you sure are covering it up in a beautiful way, love the french braiding!!

    1. Thanks! It does seem like a right of passage doesn't it? :)


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