4 Moms + 20 Barbies + Suitcase Full Barbie Clothes

Recently I decided that it was time to bring home the doll house that my parents made me (there is a whole other blog post on that doll house alone so I'll save it :)

Along with that dollhouse I brought home a suitcase of all HANDMADE Barbie clothes. I was seriously such a blessed kid. My grandma had patterns and always made my mom and her sister Barbie clothes and those were passed onto me. My mom and my aunt then started making Barbie clothes to sell when I was a kid and so I cashed in there as well. These clothes are stunning and so fun and vintage!

This is where you leave any "judgey hat" you're wearing at the door cause you're going to see what happened when 4 moms let loose on all this Barbie goodness.

I was innocently showing off all my cool childhood stuff when we started pilfering through all the clothes, reminiscing about "Barbie and the Rockers"and our first Barbie. One thing led to another...

And... we started "styling" Barbies for a fashion shoot. We found a box of costume jewelry and used it to create accessories. We put outfits together, styled them in groups and themes... and did not let the kids even touch them!

We even called E to come back over so she wouldn't miss out on all this girly fun!

The English one gained quite an education on Barbie and the Rockers (we even found the theme song online) as she had never heard of them which was either due to they never made it big in England or she's just too young.

Being that 50% of us are Photographers we couldn't actually style these dolls without an actual fashion shoot...

Here is bride Barbie. This doll was my fave as a kid. Wearing of course a handmade wedding gown and veil. 

Styled by English One

Most shots were actually taken with my iphone and the extra lenses that the tall one bought me for Christmas last year. You snap the lens onto the phone and they are awesome! This was the Macro lens.

Next we have "Airport Lounge Fashionistas" styled by Glue sticks.

Note the plane taking off in the background.

This is "Stampede Skipper" styled by E.

Stampede Skipper sure loves animals!

Umm... I forget what these guys were called but I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of "Hipster" or "Festival Barbies".
Styled by English One.

Love the slouchy toque.

Ha ha - I found this in my gear. I apparently had made my Barbies a wooden Super Nintendo and VCR. Look at the detail! I totally carved my Barbies a Super NES!

 Feverishly styling.

Sunday Barbie. Styled by Me. Oh, I also found these real leather Bibles that I had made my Barbies. Apparently Jesus got a hold of me very early on ;)

Cruising Barbies. Styled by E.

They are on the road and real cars were coming at us... and the pavement was really hot.

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette. Giggle. Styled by E.

Notice how he is all hipster holding the rose and how she is all posh with her cowboy boots? Good work E. Oh, and they're on a typical Bachelor "romantic picnic" date (as evidenced by the orange pop and fruit bowl in the corner.)

And so we played for a good 3 hours... yay for nostalgia :)


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