On the Other Side of the Lens | Family Portraits

I am very comfortable on a certain side of the camera lens... the one with an eye piece. I'm not super comfy on that other side of the lens. However I am not so uncomfortable that I don't want to be in pictures as I believe that moms need to make an effort to be in pictures so that when looking back our children don't wonder where the heck we were their entire childhood.

We were seriously due for some family portraits and so the lovely Crystal Kowal agreed to capture them for us.

This summer we spent a lot of time as a family on the river. We kayaked and explored, taking in the ruggedness and randomness left from the flood, spotted sunning turtles and chased down schools of bottom feeders. When we weren't literally on the river we were on the banks fishing. The boy one caught his first fish all on his own and we perfected Ninja Whip Fishing.

It was at our "special fishing spot" that I decided I wanted to have our pictures done because it would be a great end to our summer spent there. I envisioned a canoe with afgans and smiling cooperative children all being captured just as the sun was setting.

Things don't always go as planned...
- had to do a last minute re-schedule as our portrait day was forecasting rain, snow and 20 km winds! (Thank you Crystal for being so flexible and fitting us in!)
- the boy one melted down before we left
- the tall one had to work late and almost missed the session
- I underestimated the length of the canoe and there was no way we could fit it on the truck!
- the girl one decided to only be silly and rarely look at the camera (at least not without her tongue out)

But... this is life and we photogs are in the business of capturing life (not some alternate reality) and I am in love with what Crystal captured of our family :)

Sibling love.

Mom and the littles (see missing husband! lol).


My handsome little man. I'm so proud of who he is and is becoming.

My girl, full of life, zeal and a beautiful spirit.

Right here I said "Kai, I love you" and he replied, "Mom, I just love you too."



My anthro afgan - what can I say, it's a treasured possession ;) lol.

Exactly a decade ago today, he got down on both knees and asked me to be his wife. Who knew what was so wonderful then would only get better and better and better.

O.K. I'm done with the sappy stuff.

I just feel really blessed and thank you Crystal for capturing our family in what I'm sure was not the smoothest of sessions ;) You rock.


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