You and me going fishing...

I miss fishing so much. It's usually something we can only do on the few days a summer that we're back up North and have access to Dad's boat. People do fish around here but we didn't have a boat so it didn't seem feasible. As "luck"would have it though we're experiencing a bit of influx in fish in the Souris River due to last year's flood.

This weekend we ventured out with the Wags both days for a bit of fishing. A bit of fishing = 4-6 hours. It's just impossible to leave!

The girl one was using her very first rod - a cute little pink Barbie number :)

 The boy one got a rod last year from Grandpa. It's fancy and from somewhere proper like Cabella's but that one is still in the boat and so he chose a Spider Man rod here. Spidey is a pretty great rod. The boy one is so dirty. Love it.

Hunter wanted to practice with Hanny's rod. The rule is that you become whomever's rod you are using. Thus, this is Hanny.

E and a cute little Walleye she pulled in. N is a master fisher and resident take it off the hook guy.

Ah... relaxing on my little vintage school chair with my pink rod, reel, fishing line and hook. My reel even lights up when you spin it... ha ha, didn't notice till after I bought it but how awesome is that?

Don't knock the pink rod, E caught this beast on it!

The boy one caught his first fish all by himself. He cast it, caught it and reeled it in. The hook actually wasn't in the fish's mouth so he must of have "Ninja Whipped" it. That's what we call snagging :)

Kai guy has become a little casting pro. He gets great distance and I'm so proud of how independent he is with it. He really enjoys himself fishing but also finds other things to do like climbing hills and jumping in mud :)

Kids playing outside for hours... covered head to toe in dirt... squeeling at flopping fish... these things make my heart so happy. 

We are a happy fishing family!


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