I have a dilema...

So I have a dilema. We are so close to being done the kids' shared bedroom remodel. It's already an unbelievable transformation to us! I'm at the fabric stage and so I can put off the decisions no longer.

I'm really over thinking it. We've put so much time into this room that I want to like it for a long a time! I've already purchased and then scratched one duvet cover for Han - the fabric was too slippery and the duvet wouldn't stay in it properly :(

I've been going over and over the fabrics and have decided I need a few other eyes so if you'd be so kind as to vote for your fave option I would much appreciate it!

What I'm thinking will happen is I'll either agree with the majority or my defensiveness of the minority pick will show me which I truly prefer :) Either way, your vote is helpful!

So... what we have to work with :

Kai's bedding is already purchased, on his bed, it's his favourite :)

Yellow Floral fabric (Heather Bailey Nicey Jane) - already purchased and was a foundation of the room scheme. I can't decide whether to make Han a duvet cover out of it or use it to make cubby curtains and possibly the window treatments as well. In option 1 they are curtains.

Wallpaper is up!

In option 2 the Nicey Jane fabric is Han's duvet and the Mod Collection Teal is the cubby curtains.

P.S. The yellows in the floral fabric and they chevron duvet cover actually do closely match even though they don't look like it here. The chevron looks a bit orange but it's actually quite goldish. 

So thoughts? Option 1 or 2?


  1. I like option 1. The floral on the curtains would tie everything in together. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I like option 1 better too. The bedspreads seem to go together, and having the floral as the bedspread (option 2) just wouldn't look right to me.

  3. Option 1 for sure! It ties the beds together.

  4. Both are really great, although I feel like the amazing bedding fabric in option one is a little boyish. It would actually match my boys' room well. Actually...the colors match my boys' room! I LOVE LOVE the color scheme. I would say option 2, but truly...you wouldn't go wrong with either! LOVING LOVING LOVING your style, my dear! I can't wait to keep reading...eye candy for sure!!!


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