DIY | Mini Laundry Set

My kids love helping me with the laundry. I can hardly wait until they're old enough to do the laundry themselves. What a glorious day that will be. If you asked me what chore I detest the most it would be putting away laundry. I don't mind doing it, it's the putting away that drives me to bored, tedious tears. But I digress!

The kids love laundry so I whipped them up this little laundry play set.

I found a mini laundry type looking basket at the dollar store and used it to house the play set.

On regular paper I sketched out some basic clothing shapes. I wanted the kids to be able to repeatedly wash the clothes and hang them to dry so I didn't want them actually using doll clothes or anything. I pinned the templates onto Jersey from old T-shirts and cut them just as a single layer. They're just pretend and don't have to be worn on anything ;) Jersey is great because the edges won't fray.

I also found plastic clothespins at the dollar store and opted for these over the wooden ones as they are easier to grasp and manipulate for the girl one. I used twine I had on hand and strung it up between the fence and their play structure.

They are initially finding it a little tricky to hold the clothing up and pin it on the line but that's a good thing. This activity is fantastic for fine motor development.

Hanny loved just clipping them onto the line and of her own volition started organizing them by colour.  "Look Mommy - all blue!"

The kids had a blast and kept returning to play with the clothesline. It's always a success when you can get more than 20 minutes of consecutive play out of something that only cost you $2 to make!

Hopefully this will foster in them a life long love of laundry. I can dream...


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