Blink Photo | Michala

Last month I had the privilege of shooting Miss Machala again. You may remember her from a previous shoot we did to compile images for the pageant she was competing in.

Michala is entering the modelling world and has just been accepted by an agency - congratulations Michala!

We started out in an industrial zone. Good times. 

Then we headed off to a country road at dusk with the English one's vintage bike.

I just adore these photos with the bike.

Lastly we shot her pageant dress from her sponsor. It was beautiful.


Be sure to keep an eye out for her I'm positive you'll be seeing her much more in the future :)

All the best Michala!

~ Monique


  1. These pictures are amazing! You are really talented.

    So, I found your blog while going through pinterest looking for craft ideas and then I spent an hour or two looking at your DIY posts. LOVED them.

    Then I realized that you are a photographer as well and I am smitten with your work. It's wonderful.

    I'm an aspiring photographer. I want to open my own studio after I finish college. I have some of my photography on my blog at I hope you get a chance to look at some :]


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