Last Minute Father's Day Gift...

Need a last minute Father's Day gift idea? Yeah me neither :)

I'm going to be a super awesome wife and let my husband have the kids for the entire weekend all to himself to relish the glories of being a father while I go out of town to shoot a wedding. I have however planned a fun little pressie for him that will keep on giving even after the "day" is over.

I’ve written before about “Date Nights for a Year”. You assemble an envelope for each month that contains instructions for a date night and even prepaid tickets for events or gift cards for meals so that it’s not a stress on finances at the time of the date. I thought this would be really great to create for my husband and my kids, preplanned dates with each of them.

I likely won’t do a year but maybe a few months worth that include a date for each child per month. On the front I’ll include hints like daytime or evening, weather dependent, etc. That way on the week of a date he can have a couple of days to pick the time that would work best.

Some ideas I’m working on are:
  • Go to the library, read stories on the couches and sign out some to take home and read at bedtime.
  • A trip to the Skate Park with a gift card for ice cream afterwards.
  • Glow stick park trip (obviously at night).
  • A trip to Ardene's or similar to shop for accessories with the girl one.
  • Collaborative painting – have paints and a canvas stored and instruct them to create a painting together.
  • Bike ride with some money to go and buy penny candy at the store.
Happy Father's day Love!

 There are loads of things you could include in the envelopes. They don’t have to be overly exciting as it will be enough just to have something preplanned that will facilitate that time together. Whatever the age of your children, include them in on the planning. What may not seem like a great idea to you, when coming from your child’s heart and imagination could be priceless!


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