The Tunetastic Tradition

Back in 2008 we threw our first "Tunetastic" Christmas party. The idea was a simple but a fun one.

On the afternoon of the party all of the men go to one house and all of the women to another. Over the years many children have been added to our families and so we do our best to "evenly distribute" them. Each group is given a CD of possible song choices, a video camera and a Mac... the task? Create a Christmas music video!

Each group has a few hours to pick their song, film the video and then edit and put it all together on iMovie (Mac program). Once everything is finished we all meet at one house, order in supper and reveal our videos to each other. This is by far the best part!

There is usually a bit of friendly competition between the girls and guys but I must admit that the boys are usually more funny. In our defense though, guys can get away with more. For example, it is not funny for girls to show and rub their bellies but for some reason it is with guys. The guys will also inevitably end up partially dressed in the snow even if it's 30 degrees below. Again, funny.

We've been doing Tunetastic for 4 straight years now and it's become a tradition. Last night after watching our new video we also watched all of our previous videos. It was hilarious to watch them, reminisce and see all of our kids grow through the videos as well. I created a DVD after the party of all of our videos up to date. I am SO excited to be able to pass these on to our kids and hope it will be a treasure of memories for them. It would be great if we were still doing these when they become teenagers. Maybe they'll get their own house and compete against their parents!

Yesterday's party fell on a date where a lot of our "regular participants" were out of town and unable to attend so we attempted our first "co-ed" video. It was a lot of fun. We made our first Pop-Up Video. Genius.

Lucky for all of you I have permission from each group member to share our 2011 Tunetastic video with you here!

It's a pretty small version (needed to be to be uploaded here) so it might be hard to read the pop ups.

UPDATE: Here is a link to YouTube to view a larger version!

Sleigh Ride
She & Him
Performed by: The Gallipeaus, The Tregonings and The Willms


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