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I saw this skirt on Pinterest a while ago. I absolutely adored the little bustle with ruffles peeking out. In Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago I finally found pre-ruffled fabric (to make the girl one ruffle bloomers) and with the left overs I decided to attempt this little peek-a-boo skirt.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a seamstress. I just wing it.. I rarely do anything that I should technically do.

That said, this is how i made the skirt. First off I started with a skirt that currently fits Hanny and used it to make a pattern. This whole making a pattern from existing clothes is very new to me and VERY liberating!

To get the correct sizing stretch out the elastic. You should have a big rectangle. Trace onto to newspaper adding about 3/4 of an inch at the top and a 1/2 inch on the bottom.

Next pin your pattern to the fabric with one edge lining up with a fold (so you're cutting a double thickness of fabric.)

Fold the bottom hem over 1/4 inch, iron and then fold and iron again. Sew the hem in place.

Placing right sides together, sew the sides together so you have a tube. Then fold over your top waistband a 1/4 inch, iron and then fold and iron it over 1/2 inch or however much you need to fit your elastic.

Sew as close as you can to the seam leaving an opening where you'll insert the elastic.

Using a safety pin or this elastic threader (that I didn't know existed until Lori whipped out hers) thread your elastic through the waistband and then sew the ends of the elastic together. Put it back inside the waistband and sew the waistband closed.

Now it's time for the bustle. I gathered the fabric and folded it up three times until I had a drape I liked. Pin it and sew it in place.

With the skirt folded sew that the side seams line up, measure the width of the skirt and the height from the bottom hem to the top of the bustle. Cut a rectangular piece of ruffle fabric. Mine was 15 " x 4".

Pin the fabric in place so that it covers the "opening" and lines up with the bottom hem. Sew the ruffle fabric on by sewing on top of the hem stitching already there.

Turn the skirt inside out and trim all excess ruffle fabric.

And you're done!

Even though I shouldn't allow myself to sew after 9pm as I make way too many dumb mistakes I am quite please with how her skirt turned out.

The boy one needed a bit of camera attention as well. I really need to come up with more things to sew for boys!

Crazy eyes.

Such a doll. 


  1. You have done a beautiful job on that skirt, I think you seriously sell yourself short in the sewing department :)

  2. Why thank you so much! Very kind of you to say. I love my pink tree :) You can see the full version here I spray painted it pink and then 2 months later saw Walmart stocking a ton of pink trees! Oh well... I like my particular shade of pink ;)


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