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 Merry Christmas!

We are in holiday mode full swing and have already had one Christmas celebration. Next week is jam packed and we head up to the lake at the end of it so not sure if I'll manage another post before then so if I don't I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and yours now :)

Thanks so much for stopping by here when you do, I really do appreciate it so much! This blog has brought me much joy this year and I'm blessed to have this outlet and the amazing support of all of you who choose to come and check out what I'm up to.

Moving on from the gushy stuff... Miss Dottie Angel has been doing a series called 12 Days of Joyfullness and that is exactly what it is. Day 2 was a cute little hanging made from a fabric covered hanger and vintage bobbles. I didn't have any appropriate hangers so I thought I'd improvise with a stick.

Then I went back to Dottie Angel's blog whilst constructing mine and found that using a stick for the hanging was her Day 11 project :)

Adorable right?

I made mine at our weekly girly craft night that the English one hosts. It has been such a refreshing time with the girls and I totally love that it's right next door so I can run back home every time I think of something else I need!

Please excuse the pictures. The sun has not shone here for the last 4 days. Like at all. Though it has been crazy warm - as in only 2 below zero. That's like no socks weather for sure in December no less, so I won't complain... except to say that it does nothing for the lighting in my house. I was also too lazy to change my lens and so the pics are not as close up as I'd like. Any who... here's my version.

I was having trouble finding a space for it.

Totally scored on these little deer at the thrift store.

I do quite love my little bobble hanging stick. You can't tell in this pic but it actually looks great there. They are kind of addicting to make. I'm thinking that possibly all of our doors upstairs need winter themed ones (so that I don't have to take them down.)

Blessings this Christmas season!


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