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Let me start this post by saying that I am being forced by the English one to write it.

Well maybe not forced but she put in an official request for the portraits I did of her family to be featured on the blog :)

In my defense (trying to prove that I actually am a good friend) I have always intended to put these pictures up on the blog but as with most of my photo sessions it's usually just a rush to get them processed and proofs uploaded on time that I rarely anymore find the time to blog them.

So... this pretty much counts as one of her Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas!

O.K. All kidding aside (and that is what that was - kidding. In case you couldn't tell. Which is understandable. I'm not naturally very funny... I digress.)

It's a pleasure to share these photos and I kind of like that I get to share all my favourites at once... so you can see the whole journey. Bump to baby.

Matt and Dani (the English one) are dear friends and by an act of God our neighbours. Like right next door neighbours. As in we share a fence. A fence through which we will make a gate in our back yard (or gardens as she likes to call them.)

When they were around 7 months pregnant we did this little shoot. English one made the dress herself. Did I mention she's crafty?

Together we love all things vintagey. 

At closer to 9 months we did another shoot out at the fabulous Johnson farm. They pretty much have a little antique street with multiple buildings on their yard. I could play their for hours.

Love this one... in a mirror in the "bar".

10 days after her due date they welcomed little Finley into the world! Finley-Stephen David Timothy Stobbs-Gallipeau or as I prefer - Finners.

Sorry Matt - this one is just too awesome not to share.


 Ah Fin! So cute! Did I mention that Hanners adores "Finwey"? She is absolutely enamored with him and just wants to hold him and care for him. It's adorable.

Finners you are such a handsome little man and we love you. We are so excited that we get to know you and watch you grow up!


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