It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas trees always make me happy but I must admit... my pink tree makes me extra happy.

Every year we put up our tree on the Remembrance Day weekend. That day we take the kids to pick out their special ornament for the tree, usually us adults get one too :) Kai picked an adorable little cupcake and since Hanny was napping we picked out a Buzz and Woody mini lunch box ornament that I am positive that she would have grabbed herself given her current obsession with Toy Story.
The kids had a blast helping hang the ornaments and wrapping themselves in lights.

We gave I'm sure at least 8 time outs (for hurling glass ornaments across the room and other general over tired misbehaviour) and Dean suggested during the 5 minutes it takes to string the lights up that "I don't really feel like finishing decorating tonight. How about we just do it tomorrow." like he does every year while stringing lights. 

I calmly suggested... "Maybe you could try for one year not to quit before we've even started decorating Mr. Debbie Downer." or maybe that's what it sounded like in my head and may have come out more like "How about you try to not to ruin tree trimming night EVERY YEAR!"

Ha ha - I said it in jest because he totally knows he does it. And he always ends up decorating with me until the end and then we cuddle and just look at the lights :)

Here's the classic toddler style of three of the same colour ornaments all on the same branch.

Notice the sweet fibre optic lights? My sis in law and her boyfriend bought them for us from Ikea. Kind of killing me not to put coloured lights up on the tree but they didn't look good and the green cord was really distracting.

I grabbed my fav crazy afgan from Elsie to throw on the chaise. My anthro afgan wasn't flowing with the seasonal colour scheme and this one works perfectly!

I thought the chaise needed a little something else so I whipped up this Christmas pillow today. It says "Ho", I hope you can tell... as in "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas". I thought the blue doily looked kind of like a snowflake and I made a mini bunting from my peppermint ribbon.

I saw the idea to hang the ornaments in the window on Pinterest. Love it.

Love this sign. I snagged it at Real Deals in Minot for less than $2.

Over on my office hutch resides my random little winter wonderland :)

A few months ago I found this 4 foot doily at Salvation Army. I bought it not really knowing what to do with it but who can pass up a 4 foot doily? Thankfully it makes a pretty sweet tree skirt!

 Yay for Christmas!


  1. You've put up the CHEER!
    (And to think I was feeling *apologetic* about doing dishes to Christmas carols this morning!)
    Why not make as many days merry and bright as possible? Thank you for this timely "Ho-Ho-Ho!"


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