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I'd like to introduce you to a little visitor to our home. His name is Sparky. He's an Elf... on a shelf.

 If you haven't seen/heard of Elf on a Shelf all you need to do is go on Pinterest to see a plethora of ideas on how this little guy can show up in your home. To summarize though... each morning you put your elf in a different area of your house doing something that he supposedly did over night. Some can be a bit of mischief he got into, some can include a gift for the kids and some can provide an activity for your family to do together. Fun right?

Sparky here had a little letter of introduction for his first visit.

 The kids were immediately drawn into the imaginative play.

Apparently they ran out of time for painting in Santa's workshop and Sparky needed a little help with a family of Nutcrackers.

The tall one is quite nostalgic of Nutrcrackers. This activity was for him.
( I love that they are making the Nutcrackers have a little conversation here :)

Sparky needed help painting and help we did!

I love seeing how different my kids can be at times. The boy one dropped his paintbrush on his shirt which was kind of the end of the world... or at least this painting time. The girl one though painted her Nutcracker, her nails, her apron, her leg, her hand, the table, her daddy, etc.

The tall one is actually pretty artistic. He's also a bit of a perfectionist in art. He spent a good 2 more hours painting his guy then the rest of us :)

And here we have a little Nutcracker family and an afternoon of memories.

And just because I wanted somewhere to put this picture... her is the boy one.. contemplating something in the morning sun. It's such a blessing to capture these moments. I love him.

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  1. Ah, such sweet inspiration.
    I've seen the whole elf-shelf scene, but your version is the first with personal appeal.
    Such a merry band of nutcrackers!