I'm dreaming of a... pink Christmas???

The thing about committing to a pink Christmas tree is that it kind of changes what other decor you can use for Christmas. Most of the traditional red and green is just not going to cut it in the whole scheme of things. So, I've been attempting to collect and create pink and other complimentary coloured Christmas decor.

(Disclaimer: All of these pics are from my iphone because I was too lazy to haul out the K-5)

I am quite liking my pink wreath. I don't think it's big enough to earn front door privileges but it'll be cute somewhere in the living room.

 Next up I made what is now becoming my yearly Christmas Organizer. I saw the idea last year on Under the Sycamore and I believe she linked to Eighteen 25 who actually created it and shared a tutorial.

I love them - such a huge help during the crazy season!

Basically start with a notebook from a dollar store, cover it with pretty paper (wrap the closure ribbon all the way around before the paper goes on though.)

Glue envelopes to the front and back covers to hold receipts and coupons.

Cut tabs and label them with your planner categories then staple them to about 3 sheets of paper.

My categories are:
The List (gift ideas)
Cards (where you keep everyone's addresses)
To Do

I found cute little sparkly deer at Dollarama that I thought might look good if I added pink glitter. I'm kind of counting this project as a DIY fail. I don't love them. I may try spray painting them next :)

 Now for a little more randomness. Gluesticks and I attempted a few more wreaths. Here is hers... tied a small twig wreath to the center of her green wreath and garnished with fabric/twine rosettes. Looks great!

I attempted a burlap wreath. I liked it the night of but now I don't love it. The staples are falling out and it just isn't going to go with my colour scheme this year. Another fail.

And the last piece of random... an iphone pic of my final gallery wall placement. I love it! Looks like a few frames need to be straightened but I love how it spans the entire wall. I love the mix of frame colours and prints! It makes me happy and tells a story (even though the randomness of it makes some of my friends - ahem - Erin - cough cough twitch.)


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