Up in the Air

On Saturday the Estevan Airport (yes, Estevan has an airport...) hosted an Airport Open House. Us and the Tregs headed out for a quick trip to see some planes up close!

First though we saw a mini quad :)

The same guy who let them sit on the mini quad also let them sit in the drag racing car. Vrrrrooom!

Hanny loves fast toys too :)

Unfortunately attendees weren't allowed to roam the tarmac and look at all the planes. For safety reasons you had to be escorted to where you wanted to go and look, which is understandable but I think that having an area fenced off (or in the hanger) where kids could look at planes would have been a big hit. We did however request an escort and went to view a charter plane and "Marvin's Grandpa's plane".

Here's the boy one in the charter plane.

Uncle Matt explaining something to us :)

The highlight of the day for us was that we booked a short flight for the boy one and the tall one to go on! It was super cool of the airport to offer and from what I understand most of the planes were privately owned and they volunteered to take people up in the air all day.

Here we all are sending them off!


The excitement in his eyes melts me!

He's even rocking aviators..

It was so fun to watch them taxi and take off! My son has an eagle eye for spotting planes in the air and he gets ridiculously excited every time he sees one. Him being able to be the one "up in the air" was truly a cool experience!

Daddy took a few iphone pics in the plane as well... So handsome in their headsets. Whenever Kai tells anyone about his airplane ride he says "We got to fly in the air and talk to each other!" (referring to the headsets.) Cute.

The pilot.

Our little city. 

And then they were done! Dean said he was a rock star the entire flight and they both had a blast!


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