Date Weekend!

This past weekend my parents drove 7 hours to come and babysit our kids for a night. They drive a semi for a living - so I thought it was pretty huge that they'd do that. We were able to take off Saturday morning for Regina and had 2 days and one whole night to ourselves. It was an incredible date weekend!

When we got to Regina we had no agenda really. We just wanted to hang out. We ended up at London Drugs looking at their camera equipment. I'd been having a few issues with my camera and one of my lenses. The camera really just needs a good cleaning and tune up and I'm not sure what the deal with the lens is but I was interested in purchasing another anyways.

I got to play with the new Pentax K-5 in order to check out the lens.. it was dreamy. In the car a while later the tall one looked at me and said, "So are we going back to get the camera?" Um, what? Yeah... so he totally wanted me to get a new camera, and the amazing lens...

I had no intention of getting either, I usually research every minute detail and option when buying something but we prayed about it and God said "Yup. Go for it." WOO HOO!

I finally took them out of the box today and played around a bit. Oh. My. Word. I am in love.

So, with my day, week, year made we headed out for a little java...

and then to the hotel to get ready. Did I mention that Bayer Crop Insurance put everyone at the tall one's work up in a hotel, took us out for supper and then transported us via limo to the Keith Urban concert? Yeah... that was nice of them :)

My discreet shot of the limo interior. I didn't want to look like I didn't do this every day ;)

 We had great seats, with great people. Yay for being on a date!

The Band Perry opened for Keith. I recognized one of their songs but liked them all. They were a great opening act! I've just downloaded their album and am pleased to hear they have 5 CMA nominations. Cool.

Then there was the man himself. I was so thoroughly impressed with the show Keith Urban put on. He went hard for almost 3 hours and did not take one break. He sweat through everything he was wearing, sang his heart out, played amazing guitar and looked like he enjoyed every minute of it. It was so fun!

He had loads of crowd interaction! At one point he brought this girl up on stage because she had a sign that said "You were my grad present. Please make my wish come true!" When they put the camera on her I realized it was Brittany Orsted - one of my grad clients from this year! Neat

He had a couple stages in the crowd and that was pretty cool. At one point he also went way up into the bleachers at the back and sang an entire song. When he was done he signed his guitar and gave it to a woman sitting there. He was absolutely mobbed getting back to the stage.

The finale after the 3 song encore. Another cool part was during the encore he brought out The Band Perry and they sang Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." It was fun :)

After going out to eat after the concert and waking ourselves up in time to have breakfast and check out we were exhausted on Sunday. We shopped a bit, had a late lunch and then picked up Coldstone Ice Cream Cupcakes for my dad's birthday.

We totally missed our kids but were so glad they had such a great time with grandma and grandpa. It was amazing to have time all to ourselves and focus just on each other. People even treated us like we were just dating. One woman exclaimed in the elevator... "Oh my... you two will have very tall children if you ever decided to have kids!"

We laughed and said "Yeah, we already do. Two of them and our 3 year old is as tall as most 6 year olds we know :)"

It's funny to me that after 9 years of marriage we can look like a newbie couple at that stage where we could be deciding if we might have kids together one day. If we had been on the ball we should have made it awkward and said something like, "Uh... we just met last night..."


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