Pom Pom Petticoat DIY

I stumbled across the blog "Happy Together" last week and saw this adorable little pom pom tulle skirt that she made for her daughter. You can find the tutorial here - it's great! It looked like a simple quick project (of which I am a big fan - it's immediate satisfaction!) I actually made 2... well to be honest I made 3. It's just so easy and fun!

The first one I made was with pom poms I had on had that were more primary colours and then I found these beauties at Dollarama in the Easter section.

See... 2 of these ones. I used a light pink tulle with Easter coloured pom poms. In the original tutorial she only added 10 inches to her daughter's waist size but I wanted mine to be quite a bit fuller so I just used the entire width of the tulle. That also made for one less cut and I'm lazy that way :)

One of Hanny's friends will be getting one as a gift!
I also thought it'd be kind of fun to have a hair clip to go with them so I cut a strip of tulle folded it over and pinched it in the middle to make a bow. I then sewed it to a small square of felt and then hot glued some pom poms to the middle and attached it to an alligator clip.

Here is Hanny wearing her little ensemble. I think it's so perfect for Easter. I like the look of the sheer tulle over cute little leggings but it's also cute to wear it under a dress and it acts like a little petticoat. I put it under a little floral spring dress and it makes the skirt fuller and the pom poms peek out of the bottom. Seriously adorable!

The pom poms sometimes gather in one area but you just have to give it a bit of a shake. Another bonus is that Hannah thinks her skirt is totally fun to play with and she grabs at the pom poms all the time but can't put them into her mouth!


  1. This would even be cute if you added another layer, shorter, with pom poms :)

  2. That turned out really adorable! Love the hair bow addition, too. Thinking my daughter might need one asap... she has the cutest polka-dot leggings that would look sweet underneath!

    1. That would be adorable indeed! I actually mostly wore this on Hanny under cute little floral dresses and just the pom poms would peek out. So cute!


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