Kids Shared Bedroom Inspiration

The girl one finally moved in with the boy one this past January. Our house does only have 2 bedrooms but if/when we build our addition I still want my kids to share a bedroom for at least a while. I love hearing their giggles when they keep each other up and finding the boy one sleeping with the covers pulled over his head because he was annoyed at the girl one's late night antics. I hope sharing a room will be part of fostering what I pray each day is a "besties" kind of friendship.

I've had absolutely no inspiration for that bedroom since I decorated for the boy one over 3 years ago. It's a small space 8 feet wide by maybe 11 ft long? Not sure on the length... but alas pinterest has come to my rescue with loads of inspiration and now we have a plan!

The first issue we have to tackle is fitting in 2 full length beds (for our lengthy children) and I've struggled with bunk beds b/c the only place they'd fit is in front of the only window... but... we've measured and have figured out how to make this little beauty "behind" behind the door way on the other side of the room!

While I love how pretty and white it looks in the picture I know myself well enough to know that a neutral color scheme wouldn't last a month in my house. Plus, it's a kids room and I want it to have a sense of whimsy. So, I'm sure there will be a little bit of this next picture thrown in there. Vintage fabric curtains and funky quilts :)

Ever since I laid eyes on these indoor barn doors I have been scheming about how to get one in my house! Now that we don't have room for the door to swing due to bed placement we'll be making a sweet barn door on the kids' bedroom. Yay!

With placing the beds where we will be, we'll also be removing the wardrobe and dresser from that space and will need storage. So, on the opposite wall with the window we will build narrow closets on each side of the window, with drawers underneath and a window seat under the window. Our window is a single so it'll look different and we won't have book cases like this picture but you get the idea!

I'm so excited to get started on this room. I'm so excited that the tall, dark and handsome one is on board with this and excited to build it with me. It's been so cool to see him begin to love woodwork and construction. I thought it was cute when my dad (the carpenter) called this morning to chat and his words were, "So I hear you're going to be doing some building? You feel confident to do it all?"

"Yup!" I replied. Will we mess some of it up? Likely. Will it be perfect? Nope. Will it be an adventure that we remember fondly every time we tuck our kids in? Most definitely.

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