Pinterest = Pinspiration Overload!

If you have not yet heard of Pinterest I am honoured to introduce you! Beware though... the site you will enter can easily become an obsession!

Pinterest is a site where you can create inspiration boards and then literally "pin" any image you see on the internet to a board. When you click on your pin it will show you the original link so you can navigate back to it at any time. You can create as many boards as you like and organize them into categories! Oh my... settle down... my heart is racing - I love to organize! And even more I love to organize my chaotic creativity! Breathe...

So, once you get an invite ( you need an invitation either from the site or a friend - send me your email and I'll hook you up!) then you can create boards and browse other people's boards. If you like their boards you can follow them. Anything new they post will be "shared" with you. Love it!

Here is a pic of my home screen and all of my current boards.
You can take a better look at them here if you wish :)

What I am most thankful to Pinterest for right now is the inspiration I needed to make over my kids' shared room. I've been struggling to figure out a good use of space and great design for a boy/girl shared room. Now I've got the basics nailed down and just have to work out the colurs. Stay tuned for a bedroom inspiration post tomorrow!

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