You've got a friend in me...

At the beginning of our friendship, his mom and I started running in the early mornings before work. Knowing I had just gotten pregnant I started making excuses about why I needed to slow our pace up the hills and why I couldn't eat breakfast before we went. All the while she (in short spurts) between breathing told me that she had forgotten a few days of pills a while back and wondered if that might be a problem...

We got pregnant the same weekend (Yay for May long weekend! ha ha) and our due dates were two days apart. February 10 and 12. My water broke at 4pm on my due date. Her water broke at 4pm on her due date. I had a baby boy at 1:33 am. She had a baby boy at 4:33 am (after 1:33am she demanded that the clock be taken out of the delivery room!) For one night we had adjoining hospital rooms.

Miciah and Nathaniel have known each other since they were literally hours old. Initially I was skeptical if they'd ever be friends. Namely because no matter what coo or gurgle came out of Nate's mouth, my Kai would break down into tears.

Once we ventured to take our boys to Minot for the day when they were around 14 months old. My son cried the entire way there and back because anything Nate did upset him. On the way home we stuck a massive clock we had purchased (for Dani) in between them hoping that Kai would forget Nate was there. He didn't.

Somewhere along the way they fell in love with each other. They are dear, dear friends. They laugh, they run, they giggle, they occasionally fight, and they beg for each other constantly. After one particularly long separation I witnessed them run across the grass towards each other with arms open, calling out each others names and ending in an big hug. I'm serious.

They are so blessed to have other great friends in their lives but after just celebrating both of their birthdays this weekend I thought I'd tell a little of their story.

Here is a piece I made for both of them this weekend :) Happy 3rd Birthday Kai and Nate!

(The other feet in the top left pic are Kayden and Judah Vanderwall :)

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