A little bit of romance...

A few weeks ago I had a really crappy day... well more of a crappy from 3pm on. I was tired and frustrated and the kids wouldn't nap. I was stalling them until supper so we could eat as a family and then the husband was 45 min late and DID NOT CALL! I know "Off with his head!". I refrained though and tried to extend grace while explaining a call would have been nice so that I wouldn't make the grouchy kids wait.

After supper he took over and put the kids to bed. While I chilled and tried to regain sanity he went to the kitchen and said I wasn't allowed in. There was much banging and rattling. Then I was further banned to the basement... hmm... curious.

Upon his invitation I came back upstairs to find my living room like this. A mini "Rose Ceremony". :)

Sparkling cider, chocolate almonds and hot apple turnovers... mmm he knows me well!

12 green roses... and then he proceeded to give me a lengthy (the only way he does it!) wonderful, heartfelt speech about how much he loves me and a bunch of other stuff that you likely don't want to hear about (but made me cry) :)

He asked if I'd accept this rose (and all of his roses).

And I of course said yes.

Then, we did what we do every Monday night. We cuddled and watched the Bachelor (because yes he loves it as much as me!) and paused a thousand times to chime in our expert analysis, predictions and trash talk.

All in all, one of the many blessings of my life is man who unashamedly loves to watch The Bachelor with me :)

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  1. i love this post, i nearly cried reading about you crying! romantic!