Teacup Centerpiece DIY

A few months ago I came across this cute DIY in the "Idea Notebook" of a Country Living magazine. How cute! I knew then and there that this would be a perfect centerpiece for the "Vintage Tea Party/Picnic 1st Birthday" that I was throwing my daughter - and it was!

I started scouring Sally Ann for inexpensive teacups. I bought the cheapest ones so I don't love all the prints but they worked. I also scored the candelabra at the thrift store.

This is super easy to make!
Step 1: Compile teacups and candelabra.
Step 2: Spray paint the candelabra white. (Though I almost used turquoise!)
Step 3: Hot glue each teacup to the base where the candle would go. You could use epoxy but I figured I might want to take it apart and use the pieces for other things. Even with hot glue though it was super sturdy!

At the party (which I'll share more on in another post) I filled the cups with chocolates, gummy bears and suckers for the kids.

Using a similar method I also made custom cake stands using vintage plates and glass candlesticks. I saw this originally on Under the Sycamore. I even glued one plate to a huge mason jar - see it?

So easy and so cute! I'm pretty sure every mom should have a couple on hand for tea parties!


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