I Just Can't Wait!

I have a disorder and it presents itself massively during this season. I've named this condition "Gift Giving Impatience".

There is just something inside of me that finds it impossible  really, really, really hard to wait until a predetermined gift giving day (such as a birthday or CHRISTMAS) to give someone their present. Seriously - it takes the majority of my self control reservoir not to give it early.

I've been reflecting on this condition as of late and trying to analyze it a bit. I'm starting to see a trend that I "self medicate" by at least talking about the gift.

For example, during our first few years of marriage I bought Dean an awesome sword for Christmas. He loves swords and didn't own any at that point. It was a thing of beauty and I made the mistake of purchasing it a good two months before Christmas. Not wise when you have my condition.

It was just so pretty and he was going to love it so much! I started "medicating" by just telling people about it. Yeah, he's gonna love it. Then it escalated to showing one or two people the sword because I was just so excited about it! Before I knew it I had shown a lot of people the sword.

This one right here. Cool right?

Finally I was able to give it to the tall one for Christmas and he LOVED it! He was so excited to show his friends when they came to the house. Much to his surprise, most responded with "Oh yeah, Mo showed us it last month."

Oops! Sorry love!

It's no surprise that Gift Giving is one of my primary Love Languages but I wonder if this condition is normal in people like me?

It's really hard for me to buy birthday presents in advance even for my kids friends. One of their friends adores Cars (who doesn't?) and knows all of their names and where they appear in the movie and their most quotable line. I got him the Disney Cars Encyclopedia and instead of waiting until his birthday I gave it to him the day it came in the mail. Fail.

His birthday is in another 2 weeks and I've had to hide his present in my unused vehicle so that I don't cave and give it early. Seriously.

Mom's birthday is Oct.29 but I made it all the way to Thanksgiving! Yay me.

For the most part I manage this condition by not buying or making gifts until the last possible moment. It usually works pretty good but grates seriously with my pre-planning nature. I always like to be done something well before it's due. It's a tough balance ;)

And now I'm approaching what is sure to be one of my largest challenges yet. The tall one had been obsessing over this Fisher Price Dune Racer for months. He researched all the details, concluded that the design would be ideal for our lanky kids.

So we ordered it. Initially thinking they could have it for Christmas and then thinking that it'd be a cool
joint birthday present (as their bdays are 5 days apart). It would also fit in well with their camping themed party we are planning. Great....... erm except for this silly CONDITION I have!

I'm not sure I can wait 2 1/2 months. Already I find myself flipping to pictures of it on my phone and showing my son. "Oh Kai, isn't this a cool dune racer?"
"Maybe you could ask for something like that for your birthday?"

My son may or may not be referring to it as "his new jeep that's still at the store". 

So... I've got a problem. Thankfully on this one it's from the tall one too so he can help keep me strong. Though I wouldn't recommend that he leave me at home with this ginormous box that we could easily stumble upon and if they see it, well then they may as well have it, right?

Sigh... just a little glimpse into the weird head that is mine. Feel free to make bets on how long I'll last ;) Ha.

~ Monique


  1. When I buy a gift I wrap it and have my husband hide it from me so that I don't give it to the person early.

    1. Ha ha - that's a good strategy. One I may have to adopt!


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