DIY | Potato Stamp Tree Art

It's snowing so prettily outside my window and I just want to throw on some Christmas music. It wouldn't even by my first time.... or my tenth. I'm fully in the Christmas mode!

At least once each week during our preschool time I like to give my kids something else to paint with. Up this week - potato stamps!

I have no pics of the actual stamps but I'm sure you get the jist. Cut a potato in half. Cut a shape to "protrude" out of it. We kept it nice and simple with triangles, squares, rectangles and a chevron ;)

I let the kids go wild on a bunch of paper and then created a little project for the boy one where he would have to follow direction and take his time. I had him practice on a scrap paper and then execute it again on the book page.

 I think it makes such a cute little Christmas scene and love it framed!

I pretty much love anything made with a book page right now and so I pulled out our trusty 1943 Cherry Ames book reserved for crafting.

The boy one resisted the pictures but the girl one complied while she drew with glitter glue.

This was the boy one's final project. He did some of the glitter and I held with the rest. It's a gift for someone ;)

The possibilities for these are really endless. Your kids could make various scenes and frame them as gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles. You could glue the book page to a card and make your own custom stamped Christmas cards... maybe tags for presents?

Merry Christmas season!


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