Presenting for a Picky Palette

I first saw the idea on Pinterest to make little "buffet" type meals for toddlers in ice cube trays. Great idea - I love it. I was finding though that ice cube trays were a bit too small for some of the food I wanted my kids have on their plate. What I came up with is working perfect for us - Painting Palettes!

Considering that I pretty much deem a meal a success if my kids eat 4 bites of anything, these palettes were a perfect fit for the portions of food I would normall give them. They have a couple larger sections for things like sandwich quarters or in this case hotdogs and watermelon :) The smaller sections hold a nice amount of fruit or veggies and even a small treat like a cookie. I'm also thinking the little mini spaces would hold goldfish crackers well.

What I love about giving them a variety of small portions for the meal is that it often prevents the inevitable "But I don't like this!" With so many options it's likely they will like something on their plate and I'm not too sticky about them eating everything on the plate, as long as they get in a good balance their garborator dad will eat the rest!

I picked these palettes up at the dollar store for a buck each. Easy peasy. There were also some egg holders that I thought would work alright too but again, I like the variation in the compartment sizes.

~ Monique


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