Blink Photo | Wagstaff's Colourful Session

The Wagstaffs wanted some family pictures done. I called E up one day and said, "So... I've been thinking about your family session and I have an idea. You are going to hate it. Your boys are going to love it."

It literally blew my mind when she agreed to do it.

You see E likes black and white. She once told me about a store she found where all the clothing items were either black or white. She was in heaven. I don't get it :)

E likes straight lines, she likes even and proportional. I have literally seen her move a friend's couch and side tables so that it lined up beneath the mirrors on the wall.

E likes clean. Me telling all our kids to go ahead and leap into the sand piles makes her twitch a bit ;)

E is a super cool mom to 3 super awesome boys and wife to adventurous D. Beneath her black and white straight line loving exterior is a pretty adventurous brave woman.

We went to a field and they began to paint a family canvas.

I'm pretty sure at one moment she said "This isn't going to match my house." Giggle.

And then they started throwing paint. I'm still so thrilled she agreed to do it! And not only do it - embrace it!

Such a little trooper :)

Getting attacked by both parents!

B - rocking the paint.

N - super tough.

Seriously, this woman is stunning.

Gah - I love this shot!

The canvas is hanging in the house ;)

Even Sarge took some paint. Good sport :)

Such a fun session that suits such a fun family. Love ya Wagstaffs!


  1. That's so great! Just last night I pinned a paint fight photo shoot and asked my sister to shoot it for us (I'm also mom to 3 super awesome boys!) this summer! I think we're going to go the powdered tempera route but I love the idea of having the painted canvas hanging up!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the idea, and you captured the moments wonderfully :)

    (Btw, I'm Diana from, not Mrs. Meson. But I can't figure out how to change my name in Google Accounts. That was a fake name I typed in while trying to figure it out and it stuck. Seriously. :) )


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