Super Hero Birthday Brunch | Part II

We have really cool friends. When I sent the party invites I didn't plan for guests to wear costumes but said that Kai and Hanny would be and if people felt like it they definitely could. It was super fun to see all the amazing super heroes that showed up :)

Uncle Matt and Finley. Canada Boy and Canglish Boy! Finners how cute are you?!

Little Spidey Hunter.

Clark Kent with Canglish boy!

We've got a Super lady here!

What a cute Super family. Canada Boy, English Woman and Canglish Boy!

Super Sadie!

More of our super family!

I'm so blessed.

Auntie Crystal and Uncle Collin!

Plasma cars were a big hit.

Super Hanny having some cake :)

Playing a little B-Ball!

You would never know this was a toddler party by the looks of the next couple of pictures!

There may have been a few Plasma car races...

Nice of you to share tall one ;)

Miss Emma as Bat Girl!

Part of the Wagstaff clan. Erin and her Super boys!

All the mini Supers! I'm learning that whole group pictures should always be taken in the first half of the party or it's not going to happen!

Oh my little Hanny... you are so tired!

Present time! Love how all the little girls are congregating around the musical My Little Pony toy :)

Apparently I thought something was funny.

Angry Birds finger puppets. Good times.

Party favours!

Little Ryker :)

Love it!

Finger lasers! No super hero is complete without one.

The Super Tregonings!


We had such an amazing time and were so thankful for all the help setting up and taking down. I'm blown away by all of the effort people put into being "super" for a day.

Thanks for loving our kids!


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