Nater's and Karah! More Little People Pics :)

If you recall I mentioned that one of Kai's good friend's birthday is 2 days after his. We even got to have adjoining rooms at the hospital for one night after we had them. They've been friends since day one.

This morning Nater's and I headed outside for 10 minutes for his birthday shoot. I think I got a good 80 + shots of him in that time. A few times after I had clicked a 10 shot burst he'd say "I think that's too many!" he he.

He's turning 4!

Handsome little man. With quite the personality as well. When doing kid's pictures I like to keep them talking about the things they love because they usually end their sentences with a smile that I can snap. When I was asking questions about Monster Trucks he'd answer, "Yeah, Man!"

My boy one was a little distraught that I was leaving with Naters and not him so we grabbed him for a few "friend shots" at the end. They mostly pretended that they were freezing so we went inside :)

Karah's birthday is in a few months but it's always good to have more pictures :) I must admit that I feel a wee bit victorious that I was able to get Karah to look at me and smile for pictures. Pretty much a photographer Ninja. Usually K is a master avoider of the lens but not today!

A win for Auntie Mo!


Love her little laugh.


  1. Beautiful! Absolutely Gorgeous! I can't believe Naters will be 4, WOWZERS! And you captured Karah!! LOVE these beautiful babies!!!!!

    Auntie Jaime


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