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As you may or may not know, one of my jobs is that I'm a weekly columnist for our local newspaper. I have the privilege of writing about fun, creative and low cost ideas that you can do with your family. After writing the column for the last 9 years every week it sure stretches me to keep coming up with creative ideas!

I was able to follow through immediately on one of my ideas and take some pictures so I thought I'd share it here! I have to keep my column at 350 words - so here it is, short and sweet!

Lately every where I look I see ads for various subscription boxes popping up. The marketing idea is great. You sign up for the subscription and either pay monthly or for the year and every month a surprise box is delivered to your door. It is filled with an assortment (of often themed) products for you to use. Some times they are samples of products so that you can try them out and decide if you’d like to use them in the future. The idea is catching on and I’ve seen these boxes themed for a wide variety of interests including make-up, hand lettering, seasonal decor, pet treats/toys, educational activities, STEM activities, and art supplies. 

I love the idea of it. I think getting a box full of surprise gifts every month would be so fun. For all you gift givers out there it’s actually a genius way to gift things to yourself because you’d never know what was in the box! Ha. Though I appreciate the not having to shop and fill the box myself the costly aspect of these subscriptions is that you are essentially paying someone else to shop plus paying shipping. 

My idea then is to create my own surprise boxes for my kids that can “show up” at our door. I like to look at the money saved as how I’m paying myself to do the shopping (and I like shopping so that’s all good!) 

Seeing as we’re headed into warmer weather my first box will be a “Spring into Summer” theme.  First up, find a cute box to package your goodies in. Some great themed items to include could be self tying water balloons, a cute beach towel, bubbles, fruity gum, new sunglasses, a rock painting kit, an inflatable beach ball (or pool float), a new water bottle, new flip flops, and side walk chalk. 

A lot of items on the list are things that I would need/want to buy for my kids going into a new season anyways so packaging it all up into a themed box just makes it fun for everyone!

Since this is my blog I can expand... you'll see that I went for a yard game theme.

In the box I included a bocce ball set, a horseshoe game, sidewalk chalk, some apple sauce squeeze things and 2 packs of Hubba Bubba (because my kids both jus recently learned how to blow bubbles ;) ).

I slipped the package onto the doorstep and waited until they found it at recess. They were so excited to find a package for them and tore into it immediately. The package was a hit and we got to play a game of Bocce Ball right away. 

 What would you put in your surprise "subscription" box?


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