Life is a Stage

The girl one started dance this year and she had been so excited about it from May until September. When it came time for the first class though she suddenly panicked and did not want to go in alone. This is so rare for her. She is second born and generally fearless.

After working through the first class with her we had many conversations in the week following.

Me: "Han, after your birthday there is going to be a big dance show. You will be on a stage, in a costume, there will be lights and lots and lots of people to watch you dance and they will clap. If you don't go to dance class, you can't be in that show."

Now, most people would assume that that would be a ludicrous thing to say to a little girl who is struggling to get over her fear to go to dance class with strangers but not with this one!

Han: "Well, I'm really feeling scared but I really want to be in that show. I guess I'll go to dance class."

And she hasn't looked back since!

This past week was their dance picture day and so before bringing her for her group picture we managed to squeeze in a 5 minute mini shoot outside on a loading dock - her own little stage.

When I do a shoot of my kids (especially the girl one) I try my best to let them take ownership of it. I want to capture their personality and their creativity. So, when she insisted on her red glitter "Mini Mouse" heels (that totally clash with her pink outfit) I of course said, "Sure. Whatever you want."

Not only do we get totally unique photos but I also find my kids 100% more cooperative when they get to have input.

All poses were strictly her own ideas :)


Definitely one of my favourites.

So random.

Throwing it down cause that's how we do ;)



LOVE, love, love. This one is going big. Big, on a canvas and on the wall.

Ha ha. There has been much input for names of this pose:
" Thanks but no thanks."
" Take it easy there mister."
"Wo -oh oah"

Somebody put their sassy pants on today!

This one she calls "Look at my little baby."

Is this how ballerinas do it?

Strike a pose - now Vogue.

Ah, life is a stage for this sweet girl.


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