Frozen Shoot

The girl one has been making anything and everything into an Elsa costume since seeing the movie Frozen. If you've looked for an Elsa costume you'll know that Disney ran out and you have to buy one on the black market for like $1000. I'm not exaggerating. I've literally seen them on Ebay for $1000!

We decided that we just needed to make our own. I finally finished it all today and so we did a little Frozen shoot on the docks of Boundary Dam Arendelle.

This was our third option for an Elsa dress (I have 2 thrift store dresses that I refashioned). I managed to randomly find a teal lace shirt at Dollarama and then sewed the teal satin on it to make the Elsa dress. Much less expensive than buying it on the black market now that Disney has ran out of all things Elsa.

I made the awesome "ice powers bracelets" after seeing THIS cool idea. I opted to sew mine onto the stretchy crocheted elastic instead though.

The Elsa Braid. This is such an important feature. The girl one makes everything an Elsa braid. I wasn't in love with the Elsa wigs out there and the girl one is already blonde so we just needed some length. I ordered an inexpensive hair extension on, clip it under her hair and braid it into her real hair. I love the effect!


Now is the part of the post where we have our power ballad - Let it go!

She's actually singing the song on the docks. Such passion, such angst.

Being able to swish a cape at the end of the Let It Go is also very important and so we whipped one of those up today as well. Makeit-Loveit had a great tutorial for a no sew cape and I used that. Super easy. One recommendation though is not to use a bowl for the neck circle. It came out too big.

I LOVE this shot.

So there we have it. A DIY Elsa costume and photos that will make me smile for ages :)


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