Operation Stick Family

It all started with this text to a group of brave and hilarious individuals.  (September 19, 2013)

There was no hesitation and they signed up for the covert operation.
Agent Bolan
Agent Kowal
Agent Aspinal
Agent Wagstaff
Agent Tregoning

The first to go on was my ballerina. English One is my neighbour and so I kept close watch to see when they were home. I waited for the cloak of darkness and made my move.

Their window was wide open and they were watching T.V. while I stealthily crept to their vehicle. I watched for passerby-ers and had to dive for cover when her husband stood and stretched in front of the window. Ballerina was on and I had to risk the flash to get a pic!

Next up Bolan went on a cross city mission to find the Gallipeau vehicle...

Located! At the church. Close call when Dani went up the stairs to the offices where she could see into the parking lot!

Up to a family of 5!

Kowal was next. She asked that I notify her when Gallipeau lights were out. I said it was more fun if you could get caught ;) She bundled up and headed down the street.

Hooligans with balloons across the street made another loop around the block mandatory! Oh the suspense. 

Little Girl has landed. Family of 6!

Tregoning ventured over a couple of nights later with "Misfit the Business Woman". 

Family of 7!

Text Convo:
Bolan: Love it! Their family is getting awkward!
Kowal: Wish we could get her reaction on camera when she realizes.

Text Convo:
Kowal: Wow the family might grow by triplets today!
Willms: Lol. While you're there want to blow some dust on ours so they don't look so new?

Then a devastating thing happened. Ballerina and Misfit went MIA. We all felt the loss dearly. 

However, Hockey Boy and Skipping Girl stepped up to replace our lost. These "agents" missed the memo on proper stealthy attire. 

Back to a family of 7. 

Text Convo:
Kowal: Skipper Girl is getting a slap shot upside the head.
Wag: He's ADHD :)
Aspinall: We pretended to be joggers on our way by.
Kowal: I'm killing myself!

And then.... ANOTHER tragedy! Hockey Boy and Skipping Girl met their untimely demise. 

Text Convo:
Wag: Poor little hockey player :( He had such a bright future.
Kowal: Ha ha
Aspinall: Poor Skipper
Wag: Maybe they're lost together at least...

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (aka There's something fishy going on!) She is either taking them off or the window was too dirty when we put them on.

So... We re-purchased and replaced Ballerina and Misfit. This time I WINDEXED the entire window. I tested, tried to pull them off but they were stuck well.

(This pic may be a couple days later after it got dirty again :) )

Within days they were GONE!

Grrr... definitely fishy.

So we upped the ante a bit. It's hard to see in this pic but in the top right corner we have twin babies and a dad. We also put a baby bottle in the mom's mouth down below :)

 At the time of this post all have been removed except the extra baby boy (which they are having in January) so I think this gig is up!

So Gallipeaus... we are dying to hear your side of the story. We're quite intrigued that you never once mentioned the stick figures to any one of us (though Crystal overheard Annette say "Oh, she left Angle and the Cat up this time.")

The mission has brought a multitude of belly laughs and constantly "pinging" phones as we updated each other on our covert operations and voiced our suspicions regarding the MIA figures.

A little friendly prank seems to always bring people together and I'm pretty blessed that I have such funny friends.


  1. This made me chuckle. Awesome!! It definitely sounds like you're a fun bunch of friends. Thanks for the laugh.


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