Not A Box | Homeschool Co-operative

We are super blessed to be a part of a Homeschooling Co-op our very first year of homeschooling. Our first event took place today and I hosted a "Not A Box" afternoon.

If you haven't read the book by Antoinette Portis, I recommend it. It's super cute and a great jumping off point for some imaginative fun!

We started out reading the story together. (I snagged the pic from "gluesticks" instagram to prove I was there :)

We used a printable from Harper Collins to imagine and draw what we thought the boxes could be.

And then came the construction! After brainstorming ideas of what to create we went outside to our plethora of boxes. Each family contributed large boxes and we had LOTS to work with.

The boy one's race car.

Gavin's cannon!

Fiona and Nate collaborating on Nate's #9 train.

Mr. Nate.

 Miss Karah took over as conductor of her brother's train.

Kai in his Watch Tower.

Hannah and Karah made a Tunnel Castle. It consisted of a lot of boxes connected by secret passageways and mini lights popped through the roof!

The kids surprised us by staying involved for HOURS! They kept working on their structures and even arranged them into a little street at one point. It was awesome. 

Their imagination didn't stop! Here they've turned into boats :)

And the whole group (minus the two families who couldn't make it)! They are such an amazing bunch of kids and I'm looking forward to lots more fun get togethers!


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