Star Wars Kindergarten Unit

This fall I will officially become a homeschooler!

After a degree in Middle Years Education and and 6 years teaching Middle Years ELA I was excited to get back teaching but feeling a tad bit lost about becoming a Kindergarten teacher. Though I could never do Kindergarten with 20 + kids I can honestly say that I am ecstatic about teaching 1 of them and am having a blast creating and planning our units for the year!

My first endeavour was this Kinder Star Wars Unit that I just completed. I am beyond excited to delve into all of these activities and my little Jedi has been begging to start school already so he can do "Star Wars School".

Already I have been super blessed by other teachers and home schoolers providing their units for others to use and so I want to offer mine to any that would like to use it as well!

You can download the 27 page packet here:

In the packet you'll find my unit plan chart with subject, activity and outcomes listed. There are activities in the chart that do not have corresponding work sheets like making edible light sabers and creating a Star Wars Mini Movie. 

You'll also find ELA activities that reinforce various sight words and the "ar" word family as well as a simplified plot sequence. Many of the math activities revolve around measuring with various "units" and number sequence (1-20). 

I hope you enjoy using the packet and be sure to let me know how it goes over with your kids!

~ Monique

* Also, please note that I'm a first time Kindergarten teacher and have developed this knowing where my child is at and how I plan to teach him various things. For example, it might mix kids up to be introduced to different pronunciations of "ar" words such as star and war but I figure he's got to learn it at some point and I know he'll want to read the title "Star Wars"! 


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