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The Star Wars obsession continues and the newest facet of it is a passion for Star Wars mini figs. On our 9 day family holiday these mini figures are the only thing they played with and could hold their attention for hours!

Earlier this week I received a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book through Wyndham Rewards and this morning decided that it was definitely time to make our first Lego Star Wars story book of our own.

Coming soon to our bookshelf.... "Anakin's Rescue" by Kai Willms!

As an ELA teacher I have dreamed of the day of publishing my kids' stories so needless to say I was quite excited about the project. I started by teaching a kindergarten version of the plot sequence.

Summed up it was pretty much, "We need to decide who is in the story and where they are. Then something bad has to happen or we need a problem and then your character has to fix it." Capeesh?

As Kai started the story I wrote it down word for word and then we started staging pictures with their mini figs. Sometimes he would create the picture next and then tell me about the picture after. We just went with the flow.

When we finished I edited all the pics for colour and a bit of cropping. For the cover I used the magnetic lasso to "cut out" Kai's Anakin ship and put it on a black background with text. Easy peasy.

On one page Darth Sidious is using Sith lightning and I just drew the lightning on the picture with the pencil tool and got Kai's approval.

Using Shutterfly was pretty easy once I figured out the system. I stuck with the Modern Black theme and used a full page picture and then one page for tex in each 2 page layout.

You can check out his full book at the link below!

Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.


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