DIY | Tapestry Table

As soon as I saw this preschool Tapestry Table on Pinterest I knew I was going to make one for my kids as soon as possible. It was a quick afternoon project and the kids and I both love using it!

- 2 (8ft) 2 x 2's
- 8 screws (2 1/2 inch and 3 inch)
- Burlap

The total project cost for me was $6. 2 x 2's are around $1.99 each usually, I had the screws and I found a bag of burlap for wrapping trees for $2 at Walmart.

Cut list:
- (2) 3 foot lengths
- (2) 2 foot lengths
- (4) 8 inch lengths

After cutting the above pieces I just screwed the frame together.

The girl one loves power tools but she got the sanding job - just like I did as a kid working with my Dad :)

I used the four 8" lengths as legs and screwed them inside the from the edge a bit to avoid having screws run into each other. A 2x2 is not very large and if you center the screw it can be tough to get another screw in their. It'll either hit the screw or split the wood.

The burlap I found. Burlap is usually pretty cheap, even not on sale.

Using my trusty electric staple gun I stretched the burlap over the frame and stapled it down and taught.

I had bought a package of plastic needles last year and we use them for lacing and such so we had them on hand. I let the kids raid my yarn stash, choose their colours and I cut roughly 30 " lengths for them to "sew" with. 

To start their yarn I would have them put it through the burlap and I just tied it to itself around the burlap. Whenever it ran out I'd just tie the next piece of yarn onto the last one and let them keep going. It makes for simple transitions.

What I love so much is that this simple table is the perfect authentic way to teach toddlers and young children how to use a needle and thread and to sew. The holes in the burlap are large allowing them for them to move in and out of the fabric with ease. They can see through it to understand what is happening with their "thread". It's wonderful for fine motor skills and they learn quickly how to hold a needle and thread so that the yarn doesn't keep slipping out.

My kids love to just randomly sew on the table but the boy one of course wanted to make an Anakin. I talked him through how to stitch his stick figure and the light saber and he was so pleased with the results. It was great for following instructions too!

I helped the girl one create a flower.

What I also love is how my kids can use anything to tell a story. The blues are the waves of the ocean and then we had Anakin with his light saber. The next day when we went back to sewing he sewed a "cage" over Anakin and created a story about how General Greivous was putting him away, etc.
Such wonderful imaginations!

I can't wait to see how their tapestries develop. Ours is already getting pretty full. It would be easy to take the legs off and hang on the wall for a time stretched on the frame or you could even take it off and  hang it on it's own.


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