The Boy One Turns 5

My first born is 5. What the what?

It's been a wonderful 5 years full of adventure. Can't you just tell that he's an adventurous one?

I'm so proud of who he is. Fun loving, kind, smart, creative, hilarious, sensitive, athletic, passionate and loyal.

His enthusiasm and zeal are fresh every day and he makes each day so much more full and great. I see his Dad in him in the way he embraces people and makes them feel loved. He and his Dad are also "Words of Affirmation" kind of guys. Kai is always encouraging, thanking and complimenting.

I love how he loves and cares for his sister. How he plays with her all day long and truly enjoys himself and how he politely asks for "space" when he needs it and tolerates her when her definition of "space" is an extra 6 inches.

I love that he's always putting on a show, doing funny things to make us laugh and impressive things to wow us.

I love EXCITED he gets. There is no filter on his joy, no holds barred. I love love love his laugh. Words will never do justice to his from the gut, joyful, gleeful laugh. It feeds my soul.

 I don't know if it gets more awesome than this.

I love to see him learn. I love that I get to be his teacher. To see his love for stories grow.

I love that he is loyal - even to his toys. I love that he is passionate about his BLUE lightsaber and that that makes him Anakin Skywalker (literally forever).

I love that he carries wields his lightsaber all day long and that he sleeps next to it at night. I love that I hear the lightsaber power up at 3am when he needs to find his way down his bunk bed stairs.

I love that his favourite colour is still yellow.
"Blue is my favourite lightsaber but yellow is still my favourite. It's just in my heart."
I love that he knows what's in his heart.

My boy, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray you always know to whom you belong, how priceless you are and that you are here for a great and mighty purpose.


** Thanks to the our fave library, the Estevan Public Library for so graciously letting me shoot in your space. **


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