Custom Portrait Wall Cling

Back when I was designing the kids room makeover I had come across a fabulous product on Design Algow (a great website that creates templates for professional photographers). They showcased a template for 3 (30 x 80 ") Hand Drawn Frame wall clings called "Home is Where the Art Is". I loved the simplicity and the uniqueness of it and had to create one for the kids' shared bedroom. It finally arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT!

I love how functional it is for a kids bedroom in that I can have tons of portraits on the wall with zero risk of them ever knocking a frame to the floor in an epic light saber battle (of which many occur.)

It was definitely hard to narrow down my choices for images (even though this cling had space for 25) but tried to choose ones that show the things each of them are passionate about and of course our family together.

Hanny's favourite frames are those showcasing her best friend "Bear".



Almost 7 feet of art!

  I'm so pleased with the product and the quality of printing (Prodpi). It really adds to their room and I'm secretly hoping that some day when my kids are all grown and getting places of their own that they'll hang some of the sweet art from their childhood such as this :)


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